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When clients come to see me, they are often feeling stalled out, stuck, tired, and overwhelmed.

They feel like they are moving through life on auto-pilot, but sensing that there could be something more – that perhaps they could live a life where they feel like they are thriving rather than simply surviving. They often also tell me they feel like they are self-sabotaging, or at war with themself. Their self-talk is harsh and critical and they can’t seem to stop. They find that their wants and emotions seem to be at odds with each other. And they have a sense that this is somehow keeping them from living a more fulfilling life, because they can’t decide on and stick to what they say they want to do.

I am passionate about helping my clients feel more in control and like they are confidently moving forward through their life. This is the experience of thriving that they are craving. In order to have this experience, I believe it is necessary to help my clients gain access to their own Inner Guide.

What is the Inner Guide? #

The Inner Guide that I refer to is something that I believe everyone has within them, and that shows up in the mind as a calm, confident, and compassionate voice. Furthermore, I believe that this Inner Guide is at each individual’s core, just ready and waiting to be accessed – and that one simply needs to remove the blocks to the awareness of the Inner Guide in their psyche.

My beliefs about the Inner Guide are informed by numerous psychological theories, philosophies, religions, and spiritualities. Many theorists and theologians have written about a true Self, higher Self, inner wisdom, inner guide, inner knowing, etc. In fact, this concept is a core part of what makes an individual psychologically healthy in many theories.

Sometimes when clients start working with me they are already in touch with their Inner Guide but need help enhancing this connection, and sometimes clients tell me they are currently NEVER or very rarely hearing from such a voice in their own psyche and they need help establishing a connection in the first place.

As I work with clients, I trust that they have an Inner Guide, even if the client has never experienced this kind of calm, still voice in their psyche before. Through our work together, my clients learn how to access their Inner Guide quickly and easily, and to increasingly be able to live a more guided life.

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